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Vernon Coleman was educated at Queen Mary’s Grammar School in Walsall, Staffs. He then spent a year as a Community Service Volunteer in Liverpool where he was the first of Alec Dickson’s ‘catalysts’. (Ref 1 below). He studied medicine at Birmingham Medical School and qualified as a doctor in 1970. He has worked both in hospitals and as a GP. He resigned from the health service on a matter of principle. (Ref 2 below).


Vernon Coleman has organised many campaigns concerning iatrogenesis, drug addiction and the abuse of animals and has given evidence to committees at the House of Commons and the House of Lords. For example, he gave evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on Animals in Scientific Procedures (2001-2) on Tuesday 12.2.02


Dr Coleman's campaigns have often proved successful. For example, after a 15 year campaign (which started in 1973) he eventually persuaded the British Government to introduce stricter controls governing the prescribing of benzodiazepine tranquillisers. (`Dr Vernon Coleman's articles, to which I refer with approval, raised concern about these important matters,' said the Parliamentary Secretary for Health in the House of Commons in 1988.)  (Ref 3 below)


Dr Coleman has worked as a columnist for numerous national newspapers including The Sun, The Daily Star, The Sunday Express, Sunday Correspondent and The People. He once wrote three columns at the same time for national papers (he wrote them under three different names, Dr Duncan Scott in The Sunday People, Dr James in The Sun and Dr Vernon Coleman in the Daily Star). At the same time he was also writing weekly columns for the Evening Times in Glasgow and for the Sunday Scot. His syndicated columns have appeared in over 50 regional newspapers in the United Kingdom and his columns and articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines around the world. Dr Coleman resigned from The People in 2003 when the editor refused to print a column criticising the Government’s decision to start the Iraq War. (Ref 6 below)


He has contributed articles and stories to hundreds of other publications including The Sunday Times, Observer, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Express, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Punch, Woman, Woman's Own, The Lady, Spectator and British Medical Journal. He was the founding editor of the British Clinical Journal.For many years he wrote a monthly newsletter called Dr Vernon Coleman’s Health Letter. He has worked with the Open University and has lectured doctors and nurses on a variety of medical matters.


Vernon Coleman has presented numerous programmes on television and radio and was the original breakfast television doctor on TV AM. He was television's first agony uncle (on BBC1's The Afternoon Show) and presented three TV series based on his bestselling book Bodypower.  


In the 1980s he wrote the algorithms for the first computerised health programmes - which sold around the world to those far-sighted individuals who had bought the world's first home computers. (Ref 4 and 5 below).


His books have been published in the UK by Arrow, Pan, Penguin, Corgi, Mandarin, Star, Piatkus, RKP, Thames and Hudson, Sidgwick and Jackson, Macmillan and many other leading publishing houses and translated into 25 languages. English language versions sell in the USA, Australia, Canada and South Africa as well as the UK. Several of his books have appeared on both the Sunday Times and Bookseller bestseller lists.


Altogether, he has written over 100 books which have, together, sold over two million copies in the UK alone. His self-published novel Mrs Caldicot's Cabbage War has been turned into an award winning film (starring Pauline Collins, John Alderton and Peter Capaldi) and the book is, like many of his other novels, available in an audio version.


Vernon Coleman has co-written five books with his wife, Donna Antoinette Coleman and has, in addition, written numerous articles (and  books) under a vast variety of pennames (many of which he has now forgotten).


He has never had a proper job (in the sense of working for someone else in regular, paid employment, with a cheque or pay packet at the end of the week or month) but he has had freelance and temporary employment in many forms. He has, for example, been employed as: magician's assistant, postman, fish delivery van driver, production line worker, disc jockey, chemical laboratory assistant, author, publisher, draughtsman, meals on wheels driver, feature writer, drama critic, book reviewer, columnist, surgeon, police surgeon, industrial medical officer, social worker, night club operator, property developer, magazine editor, general practitioner, private doctor, television presenter, radio presenter, agony aunt, university lecturer, casualty doctor and care home assistant. He has received numerous awards and was for some time a Professor of Holistic Medical Sciences at the Open International University based in Sri Lanka.


Vernon Coleman collects books and has a larger library than most towns. A list of his favourite authors would require another book. He has never been much of an athlete, though he once won a certificate for swimming a width of the public baths in Walsall (which was, at the time, in Staffordshire but has now, apparently, been moved elsewhere) and once swam a mile for charity (he took so long that everyone else had gone home by the time he finished). He doesn't like yappy dogs, big snarly dogs with saliva dripping from their fangs or people who think that wearing a uniform automatically gives them status and rights over everyone else. He likes trains, dislikes planes and used to like cars until spoilsports invented speed cameras, bus lanes and car parks where the spaces are so narrow that only the slimmest of vehicles will fit in. He is inordinately fond of cats, likes pens and notebooks and used to enjoy watching cricket until the authorities sold out and allowed people to paint slogans on the grass. His interests and hobbies include animals, books, photography, drawing, chess, backgammon, cinema, philately, billiards, sitting in cafés and on benches and collecting Napoleana and old books that were written and published before dust wrappers were invented. He likes log fires and bonfires, motor racing and music by Beethoven, Mozart and Mahler and dislikes politicians, bureaucrats and cauliflower cheese. He likes videos but loathes DVDs. He obtains enormous pleasure from watching birds, squirrels, badgers, foxes and other wildlife.


In real life Vernon Coleman has homes in England and France but in his heart he lives in the delightful if isolated village of Bilbury in Devon where he and his wife have designed for themselves a unique world to sustain and nourish them in these dark and difficult times. He enjoys malt whisky, toasted muffins and old films. He is devoted to Donna Antoinette who is the kindest, sweetest, most sensitive woman a man could hope to meet and who, as an undeserved but welcome bonus, makes the very best roast parsnips on the planet.


Reference Articles referring to Vernon Coleman


Ref 1

`Volunteer for Kirkby'

The Guardian, 14.5.1965

(Article re VC's work in Kirkby, Liverpool as a Community Service Volunteer in 1964-5)


Ref 2

`Bumbledom forced me to leave the NHS'

Pulse, 28.11.1981

Vernon Coleman resigns as a GP after refusing to disclose confidential information on sick note forms.


Ref 3

`I'm Addicted To The Star'

The Star, 10.3.1988

Sample quote: `Dr Coleman has consistently called for rethinking on the drugs known as benzodiazepines. Now the Government's Committee on Safety of Medicines has reacted to Dr Coleman's campaign. They have issued stringent guidelines for the prescribing of the drugs. Mrs Currie (Health Minister) told a Commons standing committee that the Government acted because of Dr Coleman's columns in The Star. She said `Dr Coleman's articles, to which I refer with approval, raised concern about these important matters and I sent them to the appropriate bodies.'


Ref 4

`Medicine Becomes Computerised: Plug In Your Doctor.'

The Times, 29.3.1983

Sample quote: `When the children have finished playing the games on your Sinclair or Commodore Vic 20 computer, you can turn it to more practical purposes. For what is probably Britain's first home doctor programme for computers is now available. `Dr Vernon Coleman, one of the country's leading medical authors, has prepared the text for a remarkable set of six cassettes called The Home Doctor Series. Dr Coleman, author of the new book Bodypower, which is a new self-help approach to medicine, has turned his attention to computers.'


Ref 5

`Computer aided decision making in medicine'

British Medical Journal, 8.9.1984 and 27.10.1984

Editorial (and subsequent letter) discussing Vernon Coleman's computer software.


Ref 6

`Conscientious Objectors'

Financial Times magazine, 9.8.2003

Interview with VC after he resigned from The People.

Other interviews with Vernon Coleman

`Doctor with the Common Touch.'

Birmingham Post, 9.10.1984

Sample quote: `Dr Coleman has the golden gift of being able to sweeten the bitter pill of knowledge with a coating of humour, and of presenting revolutionary concepts in words everyone can understand.'


`Sacred Cows Beware: Vernon Coleman publishing again.'

The Scotsman, 6.12.1984

Sample quote: `Vernon Coleman's books combine straightforward advice with stern criticism of techniques, products or services which he believes to be a waste of time and money or which may cause actual harm.'


`Our Doctor Coleman Is Mustard'

The Sun, 29.6.1988

Sample quote: `Dr Coleman cuts like a scalpel through all the jargon to bring you fresh information on the medical matters that mean most to you...Dr Coleman's controversial views have often rocked the medical profession but that has never stopped him saying what he thinks.'


`The Sun's Medic reveals his all.'

GP, 12.7.1991

Sample quote: `He clearly believes what he writes and nobody `not the editor of The Sun or anyone else' tells him what stance to take. And once he gets his teeth into an issue he will campaign in partisan and highly effective style.'


`Reading the mind between the lines.'

BMA News Review, November 1991

Sample quote: `Not someone to mince his words.'


Doctors' Firsts

BMA News Review, 21.2.1996

Interview with VC.


`The big league of self publishing.'

Daily Telegraph, 17.8.1996

Sample quote: `Dr Coleman is one of a growing band of go-it-alone novelists who have taken the risk of publishing their own books. Dr Coleman's books are published in 22 languages and he was published for many years by mainstream publishers like Penguin, Reed and Harper Collins, before going it alone.'


`Doctoring the books'

Independent, 16.3.1999

Sample quote: `He says there are three things in life worth doing: trying to change the world, trying to have fun and trying to make money. If you can do all three things at the same time then that's fantastic.'


`Sick Practices'

Ode Magazine, July/August 2003

Sample quote: `Dr Vernon Coleman has made it his life's work to teach us about our self-healing abilities. The erudite Englishman wrote over 90 books on the subject.'


`You have been warned, Mr Blair.'

Spectator, 6.3.2004 and 20.3.2004

Sample quote: `He doesn't have an agent, a publisher, a distributor or a heap of remaindered copies reminding him he never earned out his advance, because he does all these jobs himself. As a result our doctor is completely independent, and can afford to stick two fingers up not only at medicine and mainstream publishing but also at Bush, Blair, Lord Hutton, those who want to surrender British sovereignty to a European superstate, the pharmaceutical industry, animal experimenters, Dr Atkins, Uncle Tom Cobley and everyone who eats meat.'

(Note the original article contained a number of errors which were corrected in a letter eventually published in The Spectator on 20.3.2004)


`Food for thought with a real live Maverick.'

Western Daily Press, 5.9.2006

Sample quote: `Simply a very good and genial individual and it’s a great pity there aren't more like him.'


`The doctor will see you now'

Independent, 14.5.2008

Sample quote: `He's frank, fearless and prolific. He's outrageous, outspoken and iconoclastic. A Vernon Coleman book will change your life...and may even save your life.'



Note 1 : Significant interviews with Vernon Coleman have appeared in Devon Life (`Vernon Coleman Scourge of the BMA.'), National Health Executive, (`An interview with Vernon Coleman'), The Therapist (`Vernon Coleman - the doctor's dilemma.') and The Flag (`Interview with Dr Vernon Coleman.')


Note 2:

A profile article which appeared in The Independent on Sunday on  6.4.1996,  and which was entitled ‘Doctor on the Make’, was considered unreasonably prejudiced and libellous and contained so many inaccuracies that a lengthy correction appeared in the same newspaper on 14.4.96 (titled: ‘Portrait of a doctor in the doghouse was unfair’) . A full apology to Vernon Coleman, from the Editor, then appeared in the same newspaper on 21.4.96.  (‘Apology to Vernon Coleman’). The original article is often quoted in scurrilous online biographies but the apology and corrections are never mentioned.


Note 3:

A curiously critical article entitled ‘Why I won’t be buying Vernon Coleman’s Oil Apocalypse’, which  was published by an organisation called ‘Transition Culture’ in 2007, was written by an author who appears to have based his review on an advertisement. Shortly afterwards the author of the review published his own, rival book on the same subject – peak oil.


Note 4:  

In the 1990s Vernon Coleman was severely criticised by the Press Complaints Commission and the Advertising Standards Authority for publishing articles and a book (‘Food for Thought’) proving that meat causes cancer. Both organisations refused to look at reference articles, published in medical journals, which were produced to support the claim. In both cases the complainant was the meat industry. In 2015 the World Health Organisation published an official warning that meat causes cancer.  


Note 5:

Vernon Coleman’s campaigning books and articles on controversial issues (such as prescription drugs, vivisection, vaccination and the dangers of eating meat) have attracted attacks from many lobby groups and public relations staff. These attacks have resulted in numerous lies and unduly biased reviews appearing in various parts of the media.  


Note 6:

Vernon Coleman is not on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In or any other social media site. There are fake sites which were set up without his knowledge or approval.  The only web sites with which the author is connected are,,,, and



Vernon Coleman


Selected Bibliography



Vernon Coleman’s first book The Medicine Men was published in 1975. Many of the books below have been published in multiple editions (sometimes, with different titles). Large print editions of many books (including the Bilbury novels) have been published. Selected books are available in up to 25 languages. Full length audio versions of some books have also been published.


Numerous of Vernon Coleman’s novels have been optioned for film production, and scripts written, but the only film so far made is Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War which is now available as a DVD. The film’s stars include: Pauline Collins, John Alderton and Peter Capaldi.


For more information, including an up to date biography and details of new books, please visit   where you will also find a large number of free articles. The site contains no advertisements or commercial links.


The following books are available as eBooks on Amazon:


Non Fiction: Medical books



An international bestseller (top 10 in the Sunday Times bestseller list in the UK). Voted one of Britain’s Top 100 books by readers of the Good Book Guide. Bodypower explains how you can use the power of your body to keep you healthy, and to make you well in 90% of illnessess. Contents include: How your body can heal itself; how your personality affects your health; how to use bodypower to stay healthy; how to stay slim for life; how to fight cancer; how to conquer 90% of all illnesses without a doctor; how to relax your body and your mind; how to use bodypower to improve your shape; how to use bodypower to help you break bad habits and much, much more.


2. The Story of Medicine

A history book unlike any other.  It covers all aspects of medicine, from the very earliest days, and traces medical developments alongside social and political changes. A valuable resource for health care students and anyone interested in medical history.


3. Mindpower

The original ‘mind over body’ book, first published in 1986. As relevant today as when it was first published.  Contents include: how your mind influences your body; how to control destructive emotions; how to deal with guilt; how to harness positive emotions; how to relax your mind; how to use your personal strengths; how to conquer your weaknesses; teach yourself mental self-defence and specific advice to help you enjoy good health.


4. Food for Thought

In this bestselling book Vernon Coleman gives simple guidelines for healthy eating, provides the scientific evidence proving that meat causes cancer and offers easy to follow slimming advice. This was the first book to include details of the evidence proving that meat causes cancer. When ‘Food for Thought’ was first published the author was severely criticised by the Press Complaints Commission and the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK – though both organisations refused to look at the scientific evidence Dr Coleman offered them. It is today recognised by the W.H.O. that meat is as significant a cause of cancer as tobacco. Contents include: simple guidelines or healthy eating; everything you need to know about carbohydrates, protein and fat; do you need vitamin and mineral supplements; is tap water safe to drink; simple tips for losing weight permanently; the truth about a vegetarian diet; 101 superfoods that can improve your health; how to avoid food poisoning; the truth about microwaves and food irradiation.


5. How to Conquer Arthritis

A straightforward, medical guide to the various forms of arthritis. A solid, fact-filled and sensible bestseller which contains no magic remedies but a lot of good sense. The contents include: facts about rheumatoid arthritis; facts about osteoarthritis; what doctors can do; what you can do to help yourself; facts about gout; facts about ankylosing spondylitis; how to control pain without using drugs; everything you should know about diet and arthritis; when and why you should exercise; alternative medicine and arthritis; simple practical tips to make life better; aids for arthritis sufferers.


6. How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You

For over 20 years this massive international bestseller has been widely praised by caring doctors. Vernon Coleman explains that the person most likely to kill you is not a burglar, a deranged relative or a drunken driver – but your doctor. This classic book explains how you can protect yourself.  Contents include: don’t let your doctor bull you; how to survive in hospital; the real cause of cancer – and the solution; how to manipulate your doctor; how to get the best out of your doctor; tests and investigations – are they safe;  should you get a second opinion; questions to ask your surgeon; what I would do if doctors told me I had cancer; ten good reasons why you shouldn’t trust your doctor; breast cancer; benzodiazepines; cholesterol and much more.


7. Superbody

‘Superbody’ explains how to unlock your body’s protective powers and defend yourself against infectious diseases and cancer. Vernon Coleman warns that infections and cancer are increasing because our immune systems are damaged. Superbody was dismissed by the medical establishment when it was first published in 1999, but the remarkable material the book contains is now at the forefront of medical thinking. The book includes advice on how to boost your immune system, how to increase your resistance to infection and disease and how to protect yourself against cancer. There is a list of the 101 best foods in the world and advice on how to spot early warning signs of disease. The book contains advice on how to improve your mental health, how to de-stress your mind and body and how to avoid environmental risks.


8. Coleman's Laws

Twelve essential medical secrets (backed up with clinical experiences and medical research) which could save your life.


9. Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe And Effective Is Lying. Here’s The Proof

A powerful and scientific attack on the vaccination industry – providing the facts about vaccines and vaccination for those who want them. Anyone contemplating vaccination (for themselves or a relative) should read this book. Contains information about all the major vaccines – including the flu vaccine and the vaccines given to babies and children.


10. Doctors Kill More People Than Cancer 

Along with cancer and circulatory disease, doctors are one of our top three causes of death. In this book Dr Coleman explains why.  Contents include: state run medicine doesn’t work; how hospital staff betray patients; medicine is not a science; if you’re over 50 your government wants you dead; medical screening doesn’t work; the cancer industry is misdirected and ineffective; doctors are addicted to prescribing and much more.


11. Men in Bras, Panties and Dresses: The secret truth about transvestites

The results from the major survey into crossdressers/transvestites. Widely recommended as a source of information and comfort, both for those who crossdress and for their partners and relatives.


12. Psychiatry: Black Art and confidence trick

Dr Coleman explains why psychiatry is not a science and psychiatrists should not be trusted.


13. Are You Living With A Psychopath? 

The 39 ways you can diagnose a psychopath


14. Spiritpower 

Vernon Coleman examines the reasons for our loss of freedom and personal dignity and explains how we can all regain our psychical, mental and spiritual strength and independence. Contents include: find out who you are (and what you want); three words that can change your life; how to get what you want out of life; use your imagination and your subconscious mind; why you have more power than you think you have; how you can control your own health; learn how to deal with stress; why you shouldn’t be afraid to be a rebel; how to stand up for yourself; know your fears and how to conquer them.


15. I Hope Your Penis Shrivels Up (book 1)

The first of two collections of questions and answers from Vernon Coleman’s Agony column which ran in The Sunday People (a British tabloid newspaper) for ten years. Widely recognised as the funniest of the agony columns.


16. I Hope Your Penis Shrivels Up (book 2)

The second collection of Qs and As from The Sunday People.


17.  How To Conquer Health Problems Between Ages 50 & 120 (written with Donna Antoinette Coleman)

Exactly what the title says. The contents include chapters on over 40 diseases including Alzheimer’s, arthritis, backache, cancer, cataract, deafness, diabetes, gallstones, glaucoma, haemorrhoids, headaches, heartburn, hiatus hernia, high blood pressure, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, menieres disease, osteoporosis, pain, polymyalgia rheumatic, prostate disease, slipped disk, stroke, temperomandibular joint syndrome, urinary incontinence, varicose veins, wind and more.


Non-fiction: Political books

1.Bloodless Revolution

Why we should get rid of political parties – and what we should do then.

2. Stuffed!

Vernon Coleman explains why things are never again going to be the way they used to be.


Non-fiction: Travel books

1.Secrets of Paris

A light-hearted look at Paris and the Parisians, from an author who has had an apartment in the city since the 1990s and who knows the city (and its inhabitants) very well.  This is not a guide book and contains no details of hotel prices, no lists of museum contents and no phone numbers for supplementary services. It is, however, packed with remarkable anecdotes and a good deal of irony. Readers will require stout reading fingers, a packet of sandwiches and an English sense of humour before embarking on this journey through the French capital.

2. Cheese Rolling, Shin Kicking and Ugly Tattoos: Searching for England  

Vernon Coleman travels through England, from Sidmouth in Devon to Buxton in Derbyshire. In this offbeat travel book with a difference the author is looking for evidence that England and the English are still alive, kicking and eccentric.


Non-fiction: General


A guide book to investing, designed to put power over money into your own hands.

2. 101 Things I Have Learned

Private and confidential thoughts on surviving the coming economic, social and cultural chaos.

3. 100 Greatest Englishmen and Englishwomen

Biographies of the most important men and women in English history – and how and why their contributions deserve to be remembered.

4. One Thing After Another

An eclectic collection of articles and essays.

5.The Wisdom of Animals

Written with Donna Antoinette Coleman. ‘The Wisdom of Animals’ proves that animals are more sensitive and more thoughtful than many people believe. Animals are loving, capable of altruistic behaviour and can communicate well with one another. The book contains anecdotes and evidence supporting the authors’ claims.

6. One Thing After Another

A collection of magazine articles and newspaper essays written by Vernon Coleman over the last 50 years.



Non-fiction: Diaries

1.Diary Of A Disgruntled Man (first volume of Vernon Coleman’s diary)

The first of a series of hugely popular diaries. ‘A book for the politically incorrect who question and laugh at the absurdities of modern life. Wild, original, tough, revealing, laugh out loud funny, heartbreakingly sad and always painfully honest. Unsuitable for the overly sensitive and politically correct.’

2. Just Another Bloody Year (second volume of Vernon Coleman’s diary)

3. Bugger Off and Leave Me Alone (third volume of Vernon Coleman’s diary)



Fiction: General novels

1.Mrs Caldicot's Cabbage War

The first Mrs Caldicot novel, now filmed with Pauline Collins starring as Mrs Caldicot. Mrs Caldicot is put an old folks home by her son. She hates it and leads a revolt.

2.Mrs Caldicot's Knickerbocker Glory  

The sequel to ‘Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War’. ‘It’s a humorous tale but has a deeper significance as the oldies battle with authority, adversity, greed and spite with hope in their hearts. Smartly written, a comedy that sets you thinking, and uplifting too.’ – Chester Chronicle.

3. Deadline

A thriller. ‘The chase is gripping, the stakes are high and the opposition deadly,’ – Stewart Peterson, Greenock Telegraph.

4. Second Chance

A joyful romp of a novel, set in the English countryside, which tells the story of Biffo Brimstone who overcomes the adversity of modern day living by running away – and who finds himself in the village of Fondling-under-Water.

5. Tunnel

The story of a group of people travelling by train through the Channel Tunnel. It’s the Eurostar journey from hell. There is an explosion and the travellers are trapped in the Tunnel. Great reading for anyone planning a journey under the Channel (or looking for a good reason not to bother.)

6. Mr Henry Mulligan

A poignant and uplifting romantic mystery about the disappearance of an elderly couple from an English hospital. Based on a true story.

7. Revolt

Based on a true story which hasn’t happened yet.

‘I enjoyed reading Revolt. I fear that much of the book may come true.’ – Nigel Farage MEP, leader of UKIP.

8. Is This What Really Happened

The story of what might have happened if Elvis Presley had not died but had faked his own death and moved to Paris. Meticulously researched and very believable.

9. The Truth Kills

The story of Dr Harry Cassidy, a middle aged GP and Molly Tranter, a young trainee doctor. Cassidy is hard drinking and cynical. Tranter fights the medical establishment on a point of principle. And their lives collide. ‘Very funny indeed’ – Country Life.

9. Stories With a Twist in the Tale

A collection of Vernon Coleman’s short stories – all previously published in magazines and newspapers but never before available in book form.

10. It’s Never Too Late

The entertaining story of how a man in his 50s found a new life in Paris.

11. Paris in My Springtime

The story of what happened to a naïve, inexperienced young man forced through illness to take an unplanned gap year in Paris.


Fiction: The Bilbury Novels:

1.The Young Country Doctor  Book 1: Bilbury Chronicles

The first of series of books (all available as Kindle books) describing the adventures and misadventures of a young doctor who enters general practice in a village in Devon, England. The books are set in the 1970s.  

2. The Young Country Doctor Book 2: Bilbury Grange

3. The Young Country Doctor Book: Bilbury Revels

4. The Young Country Doctor Book: Bilbury Pie (short stories)  

5. The Young Country Doctor Book: Bilbury Country  

6. The Young Country Doctor Book: Bilbury Village

7. The Young Country Doctor Book: Bilbury Pudding (short stories)


Fiction: Sport novels: 

1.Thomas Winsden's Cricketing Almanack

A spoof edition of Wisden. Some cricket fans love this book. Some regard it as disrespectful.

2.Diary Of A Cricket Lover

Vernon Coleman’s diary of a year’s cricket watching in 1984. (Three extracts from this book appear in ‘All in a Day’s Cricket’, Brian Levison’s anthology of outstanding cricket writing.)

3.The Village Cricket Tour

A massive bestseller (it sold over 35,000 hardback copies in the UK alone). Hugely well received by professional critics and readers. ‘I enjoyed it immensely. He has written a book that will entertain, amuse and warm the cockles of tired old hearts.’ – Peter Tinniswood, Punch.

4.The Man Who Inherited a Golf Course

Possibly the most successful golf novel ever written. Sold over 30,000 hardback copies in the UK alone. Twice optioned for the movies (but, sadly, not yet made).

5.Around the Wicket 

The story of a life in the year of the Little Lampton Cricket Club – a club which seems to have more than its fair share of mifits, ne’er-do-wells and disaster prone members.

6.Too Many Clubs And Not Enough Balls

‘Laugh out loud funny,’ said Golf World. A book about people who lose balls, clubs, tempers and, on occasion, the course they’re supposed to be playing. Best suited for golfers who don’t take their sport (or themselves) too seriously.


Fiction: Cat books:

1.Alice's Diary

The most successful book ever written by a cat. Nearly 70,000 hardback copies sold in the UK alone. Alice was a tortoiseshell cat who thought a good deal about life, mice and airing cupboards.

2.Alice's Adventures

The sequel to Alice’s Diary.

3. Cat Tales

A collection of stories, essays, memories and anecdotes about cats.

4. Cat Fables

A collection of deceptively simple stories about cats – every one with a moral.


Fiction: Writing as Donald Quixote

1.Balancing the Books

A widow decides to kill the reviewers who drove her husband to death. She does so with great panache. A glorious black comedy.

Fiction: Writing as Dr Blake Marvel

1.Doctor in Paris

Dr Blake Marvel takes a job as resident doctor in a Paris hotel which caters to British and American tourists. And then discovers that he is also expected to look after the employees and clients at a neighbouring, high class brothel.



* * *




Selected list of books by Vernon Coleman (includes books not yet available as eBooks)

Books on medicine include: 

The Medicine Men

Paper Doctors

Everything You Want To Know About Ageing

The Home Pharmacy

Aspirin or Ambulance

Face Values

Stress And Your Stomach

A Guide To Child Health


The Good Medicine Guide

An A to Z of Women's Problems

Bodypower (available as an eBook on Amazon)


Taking Care Of Your Skin

Life Without Tranquillisers

High Blood Pressure



Eczema and Dermatitis

The Story Of Medicine (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Natural Pain Control

Mindpower (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Addicts and Addictions

Dr Vernon Coleman's Guide To Alternative Medicine

Stress Management Techniques

Overcoming Stress

The Health Scandal

The 20 Minute Health Check

Sex For Everyone

Mind Over Body

Eat Green Lose Weight

Why Doctors Do More Harm Than Good

The Drugs Myth

Complete Guide to Sex

How To Conquer Backache

How To Conquer Pain

Betrayal of Trust

Know Your Drugs

Food for Thought (available as an eBook on Amazon)

The Traditional Home Doctor

Relief from IBS

The Parent's Handbook

Men in Dresses

Power over Cancer


How to Conquer Arthritis (available as an eBook on Amazon)

How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Superbody (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Stomach Problems - Relief At Last

How to Overcome Guilt

How To Live Longer


Coleman's Laws (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe And Effective Is Lying. Here’s The Proof (Available as an eBook on Amazon)

Doctors Kill More People Than Cancer (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Men in Bras, Panties and Dresses: The secret truth about transvestites (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Psychiatry: Black Art and confidence trick (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Are You Living With A Psychopath? The 39 ways you can diagnose a psychopath (available as an eBook on Amazon)


Books on psychology/sociology include:

Stress Control

How To Overcome Toxic Stress

Know Yourself

Stress and Relaxation

People Watching

Spiritpower (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Toxic Stress

I Hope Your Penis Shrivels Up (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Oral Sex: Bad Taste and Hard To Swallow

Other People's Problems

The 100 Sexiest, Craziest, Most Outrageous Agony Column Questions (And Answers) Of All Time

How To Relax And Overcome Stress

Too Sexy To Print

I Hope Your Penis Shrivels Up (Volume 2) (Available as an eBook on Amazon)


Books on politics include: 

England Our England

Rogue Nation

Confronting the Global Bully

Saving England

Why Everything Is Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Better

The Truth They Won't Tell You...About The EU

Living In A Fascist Country

How To Protect & Preserve Your Freedom, Identity & Privacy

Oil Apocalypse

Gordon is a Moron

The OFPIS File

What Happens Next?

Bloodless Revolution (Available as an eBook on Amazon)


Stuffed! (Available as an eBook on Amazon)


Books about animals include:

Why Animal Experiments Must Stop

Fighting For Animals

Alice and Other Friends

Animal Rights - Human Wrongs

Animal Experiments - Simple Truths


General Non Fiction books include:

How To Publish Your Own Book

How To Make Money While Watching TV

Strange But True

Daily Inspirations

Why Is Public Hair Curly

People Push Bottles Up Peaceniks

Secrets of Paris (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Moneypower (available as an eBook on Amazon)

101 Things I Have Learned (available as an eBook on Amazon)

100 Greatest Englishmen and Englishwomen (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Diary Of A Disgruntled Man (first volume of Vernon Coleman’s diary) (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Just Another Bloody Year (second volume of Vernon Coleman’s diary) (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Bugger Off and Leave Me Alone (third volume of Vernon Coleman’s diary) (available as an eBook on Amazon)

One Thing After Another (collection of articles and essays) (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Cheese Rolling, Shin Kicking and Ugly Tattoos: Searching for England  (available as an eBook on Amazon)


General Novels include:

Mrs Caldicot's Cabbage War (first Mrs Caldicot novel, now filmed with Pauline Collins starring as Mrs Caldicot) (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Deadline (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Second Innings (now republished as Second Chance and available as an eBook on Amazon)

Mrs Caldicot's Knickerbocker Glory (second novel about Mrs Caldicot) (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Tunnel (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Mr Henry Mulligan (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Revolt (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Is This What Really Happened (available as an eBook on Amazon)

The Truth Kills (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Stories With a Twist in the Tale (short stories) (available as an eBook on Amazon)


Bilbury Novels include:

The Bilbury Chronicles  (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Bilbury Grange  (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Bilbury Revels (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Bilbury Pie (short stories)  (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Bilbury Country  (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Bilbury Village (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Bilbury Pudding (short stories) (available as an eBook on Amazon)


Novels (Sport) include:

Thomas Winsden's Cricketing Almanack  (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Diary Of A Cricket Lover (available as an eBook on Amazon)

The Village Cricket Tour (available as an eBook on Amazon)

The Man Who Inherited A Golf Course (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Around the Wicket (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Too Many Clubs And Not Enough Balls (available as an eBook on Amazon)


Cat books include:

Alice's Diary (available as an eBook on Amazon)

Alice's Adventures (available as an eBook on Amazon)

We Love Cats

Cats Own Annual

The Secret Lives Of Cats

Cat Basket

The Cataholics Handbook

Cat Fables

Cat Tales

Catoons From Catland


Other books include:

Writing as Donald Quixote

Balancing the Books (available as an eBook on Amazon)


Writing as Blake Marvel 

Doctor in Paris (available as an eBook on Amazon)


Written with Donna Antoinette Coleman:

How To Conquer Health Problems Between Ages 50 & 120

Health Secrets Doctors Share With Their Families

Animal Miscellany

England's Glory

The Wisdom of Animals (available as an eBook on Amazon)


Written with Dr Alan C Turin

No More Headaches


Hardback books now republished


Writing As Robina Hood:

Revolt (now republished as Revolt by Vernon Coleman)


Writing as Curtis Brown

Sharp Practice 2014 (now republished as The Truth Kills by Vernon Coleman)


Writing as Tim Wood

My Secret Years with Elvis Presley 2014   (now republished as Is This What Really Happened? by Vernon Coleman)



Vernon Coleman February 2016